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What does it mean to fight for milk?

In the film Cinderella Man, father and boxer Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe) has been on a losing streak until suddenly he’s not losing anymore. He’s winning.

“What are you fighting for?” a reporter asks.

“Milk," Jim replies.

Jim wasn’t fighting for medals or answering some distant call of the wild.  Jim was fighting for milk for his kids.

"Milk" is all of a father's responsibilities, everything he must fight for.

To do right by his responsibilities and to lead his wife and children into a better future, a man has to step up.

But there's a problem...

  • To provide for his family, he needs to increase his value in the marketplace. But developing himself is expensive.
  • With a wife and children, his words and body language have new impact. He needs to improve his communication skills.
  • To lead his family emotionally and spiritually, he must grow in virtue. But he’s not sure where to start.
  • He's never embraced the basics. But high level professionals and great saints embrace the basics. Pro athletes repeat the same drills they did when they were ten years old. Embracing the basics is essential to success.

Our culture faces a crisis of fatherhood.

A man might not literally pack the suitcase, but he's tempted to “check out.”

Can you blame him? When it comes to fatherhood, the game never ends—there’s no neutral ground on the field and no room on the bench.

But government programs and soccer coaches can’t replace you.

Good and evil are at war, and the battleground is a father’s heart.

I'm Tyler Blanski.

I was a starving artist who met a girl. We got married and had babies, and one day I woke up at a crossroads. Fatherhood changed everything, and I had to step up.

I know what it's like to make mistakes—even to fall flat on my face in front of the people I love most. I have to push myself to grow every day.

After working with fathers in business, prison ministry and chaplain ministry, serving as the pastoral associate of faith formation at a large Catholic parish, and raising my own crazy brood of three children with my beautiful wife, I’ve seen that no matter what you’re up against, there are basic, underlying principles that can help men do this right.


"Expect great things from this man!"

— Dr. Peter Kreeft
Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

"I live in Los Angeles, and out here [Tyler Blanski] would be a total heretic."

Michael Knowles
The Michael Knowles Show

"A marvel of charity and a prodigy of style."

— Dr. Scott Hahn
Professor of Theology and Scripture, author, speaker, and apologist

"An eloquent testimony."

— Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

"With converts as articulate as Tyler Blanski, the Church is in excellent shape."

— +Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Makes me want to stand and cheer!"

— Bishop Donald J. Hying, Diocese of Gary, Indiana

"One of today’s best young Catholic writers."

— Brandon Vogt

Fight for Milk gives you everything you need to master the basics all in one place. And for a fraction of the cost of other development tools.

In all likelihood, no one has invested in you as a father in a long time—even though it's your job to invest in others!


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Take up the Fight for Milk Challenge, dive into the online courses, & access the bonus material.

What happens when men don't fight for milk?

Most opportunities have expiration dates. If missed, they're lost. But it's never too late to redeem the time. I believe you can provide for your family, be a rock, and lead them into a better future. You can fight for milk—and win.


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"The F4M Framework is inspiring and practical. In simple, jargon free terms, it cuts through the noise and distractions and gets us back to basics, training our attention on what really matters and helping us achieve our full potential as husbands, fathers, and men."

Sam Guzman
Father, author, and founder of the Catholic Gentleman

"The F4M framework provides practical tools to help integrate your faith, family, and work life. If you are searching for a simple but effective approach that will help you excel, bring order to your day, and peace into your soul, the F4M course is for you!"

Kevin O'Brien
Co-Founder of Men of Christ & the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance

"The F4M Framework “plunders the gold” of the social sciences and the discipline of organizational leadership while simultaneously affirming the inherent spirituality of fatherhood. As a leader in healthcare ministry and as a married father of four, I can say wholeheartedly that Blanski has synthesized the best of what dads need to know in order to flourish in our God-given vocation."

Tyler Whatley
MTS, BCC, National Association of Catholic Chaplains

"Practical wisdom for men who are (or aspire to be) fathers. If you are looking for the nuts and bolts of fatherhood, this is a good place to start. The course challenged me to be more intentional in how I live out my vocations to marriage and holy orders."

Deacon Steven Hilgendorf
Husband, Father, Transitional Deacon, Director of Faith Formation at the Cathedral of Saint Paul

"The F4M email course is a lesson in the rudiments of right living. For some it will be a lifeline in a storm, others a fresh breeze into a zombie routine."

Davey, husband, father, Parish Council Treasurer, Chief of Staff

"It's high-time someone reinvigorated not just godly manhood, but specifically Spirit-fueled fatherhood! Tyler has coalesced accessible skills and keen insights and the results can be profound if we humble ourselves and are willing to Fight for Milk!"

The Rev. Gabriel Morrow
Father and Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, Burnt Hills, New York


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What if two minutes could change everything?

To see sustainable growth this year, all you really need is 2 minutes of information a day. Get your head right. Guard the culture. Do your best work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Fight for Milk Apostolate so special? It’s all about your transformation:

  • Exclusive daily videos to start your day right. Get a daily tip or reflection from Tyler Blanski that moves you forward. It’s “school of dad” in bite-sized chunks!
  • Admission to the Facebook-like community and live calls (coming soon!). Listen in from your phone, learn best practice from other leaders, and if you miss a call you can listen in later in the archive.
  • Access the online Courses. Pray the Forgotten Prayer or use the F4M Framework to deploy the Four Action Steps to reclaim your marriage, your home, your career, to lay a fence post of your own.

You’re serious about your vocation.
We are too.

After years of ministry, Tyler's learned one thing for sure: people get what they give

The benefit of fundraising is that a program is free for the people it’s meant to serve. The downside is that these same people often end up considering the program to be worth, well, about $0.00.

It’s human nature. When there’s no skin in the game, there are less results.

If a man wants to re-engage his vocation to fatherhood, or if he believes in this apostolate’s mission, then his buy in does more than fundraising ever can.

Because he has a horse in this race, he’ll get more out of it. And that’s the whole point.

After joining, I recommend checking out the Fight for Milk Challenge course on your member page. You could spread each of the 7 short lessons out over the course of a week or go through them all at once.

If you don't have time right away to go through the course, you can definitely save it for later and simply enjoy the daily videos and weekly calls on their own.

The Four Action Steps of the F4M Framework is the foundation for the apostolate. It is designed to provide the path for implementing changes in your home, work, or community life. 

The daily videos and live calls are F4M's beating heart. They provide community and address a wide variety of topics through the lens of the framework.

By touching base daily/weekly, F4M is designed to avoid the inspiration->burnout->forget-about-it cycle that often comes with a great book or podcast. 

The daily videos are a "quick win" for you every business day—but only if it works with your schedule. This apostolate is on your terms.

If you miss a day, you can always open the email later for a boost or insight. Or never even open it. It's simply there for you if you want it.

The Fight for Milk Apostolate is bringing men together to find their fight, to study the craft of their vocation.

With a strong community centered on Christ, progress is unstoppable. Let's build together.

If you find this isn't the right fit for you, all you have to do is hit the cancel button in your account home page. 

Regardless, we wish you the best of success! 

You have an impact. What starts in your head spreads out to your family, your parish, your community. Why would you leave your legacy up to chance?

The Fight for Milk Apostolate is a resource that men of ALL AGES can use to fight back against something that ought not to be—a crisis of fatherhood.

The framework is designed to be applied to any situation at home, at work, or in the broader community. Because your vocation to fatherhood encompasses all of life's domains and your key relationships, you will find Fight for Milk's content to be applicable to everything from reigniting your relationship to your wife to negotiating a pay raise to having tough conversations with your adult children and more.


Yes! When you are a father your job doesn't boil down to product or a service but YOU, so personal and professional development is key. You can't give what you don't have.

Think of it this way: if a man feels God is calling him to be a missionary in France he would need not only a theological education, but also an education in the French language and culture. The Fight for Milk Apostolate is not only an education in the theology but in the language and culture of fatherhood—because fatherhood is your calling.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be life-changing to study the theology of dadness. But, because a father has “divided interests” (1 Cor. 7:32), F4M is more practical and hands-on.

Knowing what’s at stake—God’s reputation!—it’s time to zoom in and study the craft, “the French of fatherhood.”

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