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When a man becomes a father, everything changes.

His marriage, his friendships, his relationship to work and money, his role in society, everything.

He faces new challenges:

✓ To provide for his family, he needs to make more money—without losing his soul.

✓ With a wife and children, his words and body language have impact. He needs to improve his communication skills.

✓ To lead his family emotionally and spiritually, he must grow in virtue. But he’s not sure where to begin.

It’s easy to fall into “dad drift.”

Our culture faces a crisis of fatherhood.

A man might not literally pack the suitcase, but he's tempted to “check out.”    

Can you blame him? When it comes to fatherhood, the game never ends—there’s no neutral ground on the field and no room on the bench.

But government programs and soccer coaches can’t replace you. Good and evil are at war, and the battleground is a father’s heart.

I’m Tyler Blanski

I know what it's like to make mistakes—even to fall flat on my face in front of the people I love most. I have to push myself to grow every day.

But after working with fathers in business, prison ministry and chaplain ministry, serving as the pastoral associate of faith formation at a large Catholic parish, and raising my own crazy brood of three children with my beautiful wife, I’ve seen that no matter what you’re up against, there are basic, underlying principles that can help men do this right.


Michael Knowles

The Michael Knowles Show

"A major heretic...I live in Los Angeles, and out here [Tyler Blanski] would be a total heretic."

Dr. Peter Kreeft

Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

"Expect great things from this man!"

Dr. Scott Hahn

Professor of Theology and Scripture, author, speaker, and apologist

"A marvel of charity and a prodigy of style."

Have you seen the film Cinderella Man?

There’s this great scene where father and boxer Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe) has been on a losing streak until suddenly he’s not losing anymore. He’s winning.

So a reporter asks him, “What are you fighting for?”

Jim answers, “Milk."

Jim wasn’t fighting for medals or answering some distant call of the wild.  Jim was fighting for milk for his kids.

For me, "milk" is all of a father's responsibilities, everything he must fight for.

It's time to fight for milk.

In all likelihood, no one has invested in you as a father in a long time—even though it's your job to invest in others!


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What happens when men don't fight for milk?

Most opportunities have expiration dates. If missed, they're lost.

But it's never too late to redeem the time.


What happens when you take up the Fight for Milk Challenge?

✓ You hone your vision.

Imagine what the world would be like if fathers had a vision—a holy ambition—for their homes, parishes, and communities. “This is where we’re going!” A vision is a clear, practical, and attractive picture of what could be. Men must look ahead with wisdom and imagination, and then point the way so others can follow into the future.

✓ You see results.

What would happen if fathers never quit on their dreams, if they planned and fought for their marriages, families, careers, and neighborhoods? It's one thing to have a vision. Eventually, we have to roll up our sleeves and get after it. Every single day husbands and fathers and breadwinners have to decide to take decisive action.

✓ You build your conviction.

What if fathers had an unshakable commitment to their wives and children? What if they believed in what was good and true to the depths of their being—at home and in the marketplace—and had bullet-proof conviction? Don't wait for others to say "Go." Every man must learn how to build his own conviction from within.

✓ You communicate with clarity and confidence.

Imagine a world where fathers step up and take total responsibility for their communication—both speaking and listening—whether they’re talking with their wives, their kids, their colleagues, or their neighbor. Men called to be fathers must speak and listen in a way that moves everyone forward.  

You have what it takes to succeed at home and work.

I believe you can provide for your family, be a rock, and lead them into a better future. I know it can be done because I've seen my grandfather and my own (amazing!) father do this. Even though I've made mistakes, I know I can do this too. 

You can fight for milk—and win.



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Tyler Whatley

MTS, BCC, National Association of Catholic Chaplains

"Fight for Milk “plunders the gold” of the social sciences and the discipline of organizational leadership while simultaneously affirming the inherent spirituality of fatherhood. As a leader in healthcare ministry and as a married father of four, I can say wholeheartedly that Blanski has synthesized the best of what dads need to know in order to flourish in our God-given vocation."

Kevin O'Brien

Co-Founder of Men of Christ & the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance

"Fight for Milk provides practical tools to help integrate your faith, family, and work life. If you are searching for a simple but effective approach that will help you excel, bring order to your day, and peace into your soul, the F4M course is for you!"

Sam Guzman

Father, author, and founder of the Catholic Gentleman

"Fight for Milk is inspiring and practical. In simple, jargon free terms, it cuts through the noise and distractions and gets us back to basics, training our attention on what really matters and helping us achieve our full potential as husbands, fathers, and men."


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fight for Milk community and courses are...

✓  Not just about parenting. Just like how any vocation involves your whole self, Fight for Milk helps you succeed in every domain of your life to achieve unity and purpose.

✓  Not “just one more thing.” For busy men with their plates already full, Fight for Milk is centered around our optional 2-minute daily videos delivered straight to your inbox. Because, you know, a little bit a day goes a long way.

✓  Not abstract. Fight for Milk is a community and resource to help you re-engage your vocation every day.



Discover the Fight for Milk Challenge and the the Forgotten Prayer Courses!

What is the Fight for Milk Challenge?

It's the online course to help you hone your vision, develop a plan that at actually works, build your conviction in the face of adversity, and become a more effective communicator.


What is the Forgotten Prayer?

1 Chronicles 4:10 is not the materialistic wish list it is often made out to be. It is the model prayer for God's family, the prayer of a father.


This mysterious prayer raises so many questions:

  • Why did the Chronicler include an anonymous man named "Jabez" (whose was "born in pain") in the book's opening genealogy? 
  • Why did the Chronicler interrupt this genealogy with a prayer? 
  • Why did the Chonicler write a genealogy in the first place? And what was so important about it that the New Testament authors used Chronicles to trace Jesus's own family tree?
  • Why does "Jabez" (whose name is a wordplay on "pain") pray for more land?
  • What does it mean to be "blessed"?
  • Is this the prayer of a father?

The questions go on and on...and the answers are powerful.

Pray with power and purpose:

✓ Discover biblical yet practical advice in the midst of life's storms.

✓ Revolutionize your prayer life with a new vocabulary and vision.

 The course is on your own terms, at your own pace.


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