✓ Reclaim the father's role in society

✓ Develop the virtue of prudence & refuse the victim narrative

✓ Make home the first priority & start living a real adventure

✓ Rediscover the founders' biblical vision of liberty


Many men feel, at one point or another, the primal instinct to run away from the demands of family life.

Even those who stick around can be tempted to "check out," usually into their cell phones. Can we blame them? Fatherhood is expensive, emotionally draining, time-consuming, and hard freaking work. Seen from one angle, everything about it means sacrifice.

But freedom isn't somewhere "out there."

Freedom is found in the family and all its responsibilities.

In the Responsibility or Death Course, fathers get the principles, the poetry, and the history behind one of the most powerful forces on the planet: liberty.

The examples from our western heritage and basic mindsets taught in these modules drive home a powerful truth, which is that there is no freedom without responsibility:

  • The more you run from responsibility, the less free you'll be.
  • But the greater your responsibilities, the greater your freedom.

Fatherhood might look like a loss of freedom.

But its responsibilities are actually a doorway to freedom—for men, for women, for their families, for our nation. 

I’m Tyler Blanski

Every morning there are men who wake up and go to work for eight to ten (or twelve?) hours so that their families can survive. The well-being of their families absolutely depends on their success in the marketplace. They also need to step up at home to be present and intentional with their wives and children. I want to find those men and invest in them.

I know what it's like to make mistakes—even to fall flat on my face in front of the people I love most. I have to push myself to grow every day.

But after working with fathers in business, prison ministry and chaplain ministry, serving as the pastoral associate of faith formation at a large Catholic parish, and raising my own crazy brood of three children with my beautiful wife, I’ve seen that no matter what you’re up against, there are basic, underlying principles that can help men do this right.



Michael Knowles

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"A major heretic...I live in Los Angeles, and out here [Tyler Blanski] would be a total heretic."

Dr. Peter Kreeft

Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

"Expect great things from this man!"

Dr. Scott Hahn

Professor of Theology and Scripture, author, speaker, and apologist

"A marvel of charity and a prodigy of style."

The father is essential to society.

Before he had children, a man did not care so much about the price of a suburban three-bedroom, two-bath home, saving money for kidds’ braces, or the quality of the schools in the neighborhood. But as a father, a man becomes invested not only in his family but in the common good.

No amount of money in the world can make up for a father's absence. No soccer coach or school teacher can replace him. No matter how much our culture glamorizes single working moms, the husband's contribution to his family is every bit as important as the wife's contribution. Children need, deserve, and want to be raised by their own parents, who are married to each other.

Good fathers can help to make children (who eventually men and women) independent, happy, and prosperous. Without good fathers, government grows, crime increases, and families disintegrate.

It's no coincidence that with the decline of fatherhood in America we have seen the growth of the welfare state. But as history teaches us, government is a poor substitute for a father.

The link between responsibility and freedom is liberty.

But for many fathers today, the notion of "liberty" has become an abstraction. It  just doesn't come to mind when they make goals or describe their values. 

But when men don't understand liberty they can make the mistake of thinking that responsibility limits their freedom, when in fact it guarantees it. 

The Responsibility or Death Course is a wake up call. If you take away my responsibilities, you take away my freedom. The pursuit of life and happiness is impossible without liberty, which is when a man is free to take up the burden of his responsibilities and see them through.

What happens when you take the Give Me Responsibility or Give Me Death Course?

✓ Reclaim your liberty.

Every time a man let's go of his responsibilities he loses more of his freedom. Living without responsibilities can only be accomplished by infringing upon individual liberties. Our culture encourages men to act like boys, leaving not only unhappier families but unhappier men. Give Me Responsibility will help you appreciate the many blessings of fatherhood (and our western heritage) all the more.

✓ Build your conviction.

The biggest burden on America today is the number of people who are raised without fathers, and every other social negative consequence that fills the void, from crime to gangs to unmarried sexual relationships. This course will build your conviction to fight for what must be defended and to remember that what happens in the White House isn't nearly as important as what happens in your house.

✓ Hone your vision.

No society can survive without strong fathers. Handouts, choosing the easy path, or "finding yourself," only render men weak and with a low self-esteem. But without a vision—a vision grounded in what is real—a father will not be able to lead his family into the future. This course offers the biblical moorings, the poetry, and the historical precedent for why St. Mother Teresa was right: If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.

✓ Develop the manliest virtue.

Prudence is the ability to make good decisions. It is a muscle that needs to be exercised and built over time. Other virtues are important, of course, but the manliest virtue is prudence. Drawing on ancient war strategies, biblical wisdom, and poetry, this course will help you grow in prudence.

Have you seen the film Cinderella Man?

There’s this great scene where father and boxer Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe) has been on a losing streak until suddenly he’s not losing anymore. He’s winning.

So a reporter asks him, “What are you fighting for?”

Jim answers, “Milk."

Jim wasn’t fighting for medals or answering some distant call of the wild.  Jim was fighting for milk for his kids.

For me, "milk" is all of a father's responsibilities, everything he must fight for.

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